With enthusiasm for leading-edge technology, we underpin our position as a genuine R & D driven manufacturer.

Technology CIC originally developed and accumulated has potential not only for microelectronic field, but alternative energy and environmental solutions.

Having started out as a manufacturer of residential equipment and systems, we have acquired leading-edge technology through corporate tie-ups.

Vacuum and Mechatronics equipment department started in the year of 1984 with maintenance service for semiconductor manufacturing equipments. Since then we have developed highly precise machining process to make crucial parts for equipment and software capability to control the equipment.
In particular, we have built up a solid knowledge base in the design, manufacture, assembly and testing aspects of spattering and dry-etching processes.
We offer "end to end support" to customers: design, processing, assembly, delivery, installation, even maintenance and cleaning services. Equipment which our vacuum technology created is delivered and installed in semiconductor factories in Japan, and contributes to production. Moreover, we possess abundant knowledge for leading-edge LCD & OLED manufacturing equipment, and are flexible enough to manufacture next generation LCD & OLED.

Through the development of mechatronics equipment, we have transformed ourselves into R & D driven manufacturer.

Advances in electronics technology have the potential to revolutionize production environments in a wide range of industries, not just semiconductor manufacturing. In recognition of this fact, we have devoted considerable time and resources to researching control system software and developing proprietary mechatoronics products, based on our experience in the semiconductor manufacturing.
Striven to be research and development driven company, we have established end to end supporting system.