The head office / factory of CHOSHU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD recognizes the importance of environmental protection and endeavors to reduce the environmental burdens for both local and global environment.

This factory is committed to the design and the production of machinery for Semiconductor, LCD, OLED and Mechatronics as well as solar power systems. All through these activities, the systems which minimize the environmental burdens have been established. We continuously improve the environmental management system and the preventive activities for pollution.

【Important Announcement】 Alert to Spam E-mails (Spoofed E-mails)

We have noticed that someone is sending fraud emails in the name of Choshu Industry falsely requesting your support to Solar Farm Project in USA and Canada.
When you receive such emails, please delete it completely without opening or clicking URL in the emails, otherwise you might be exposed to virus or unauthorized access.

●Spam Emails
 The domain of the sender’s address is wrong such as:

●Authentic Emails
 The correct domain of the sender’s address should be:

We pay attention continuously to information security including illegal access protection with additional measures. Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.