Enriching people's lives further.
Determined to help create a better future.

Choshu Industry was established in 1980 as a water heater manufacturer.
At the time of the establishment, our founder said in his greetings, "We want to enrich the lives of the Japanese people, who love taking baths, so that they can enjoy ample hot water to their heart’s content."
We strive for better future being considerate of people’s lives with the founder’s words in mind.

Domestic production of solar cell modules

The products of Choshu Industry are composed of high-performance and reliable parts and materials. In our production lines, we repeatedly conduct thorough inspections with devices and human eyes, thus ensuring high quality.
Our commitment to quality and production in Japan is the pride and mission of Choshu Industry.


Extensive track record and reliable expertise

The first mega solar power plant of a major electric company in Chugoku region of Japan adopted Choshu Industry’s solar cell modules.
For more than 20 years, we have accumulated an extensive track record in solar power generation for both residential use and industrial use.


Solar cell modules that endure harsh climates

We are conducting module tests under various weather conditions to ensure high durability.

Damp heat test

We have created rigorous testing criteria independently as part of our commitment to improving durability for long-term use.

Load durability test

We conduct the test with 1.5 times of the design load.


An extensive track record in the power storage system business as well

Power storage systems have been attracting attention recently for power utilization efficiency and disaster preparation.
We are developing advanced power storage systems independently by taking advantage of the expertise that we have cultivated in solar power generation to date.
We have market shares in a wide range of fields in the industry as one of the few manufacturers with advanced technologies in both solar power generation and power storage systems.