ClC’s end to end support capability provides flexibility to answer customer’s requests.

Having started as a manufacturer of residential equipment and systems, CIC has strived to be a research & development driven company. Our mission is winning customer’s trust by being fully responsible from end to end, starting from design, we manage installation and setup with highly experienced engineers.



1, Design
The designing department has a lot of experience in Vacuum & Mechatronic equipment. Using the latest 3D CAD, we venture to design the state-of-the-art equipment.

Machining, Welding

2, Machining, Welding
Our machining and welding team plays crucial role on manufacturing highly precise equipments with reliability. Leading-edge machines such as high precision large scale machining centers are utilized.

Assembli, Inspection

3, Assembli, Inspection
Our factory features no less than three clean rooms with floor space of 1,600m2, 1,500m2 and 1,100m2, Cleanliness level of class 10,000. Two of three clean rooms have high ceilings of 11meters, enabling us to assemble large equipments such as next-generation large LCD panel manufacturing equipment.


4, Installation
Our duty will not finish at the delivery. Our highly experienced engineers will be responsible for installation and adjustment to make sure that equipment is fully operational.


5, Maintenance
Highly experienced engineers perform maintenance for customer’s equipment. Timely and dependable service support capability is our edge, which is enabled by sufficient numbers of service engineers.

Cleaning, Reproduce

6, Cleaning, Reproduce
Our cleaning and reproduction services can increase manufacturing factory’s productivity by providing cleaning and reproduction service for equipment’s parts.

7, Overhaul for Vacuum Pumps
We provide maintenance ⁄ overhaul service for Vacuum Pumps, a vital component for vacuum equipments.

Overhaul for Vacuum Pumps
External Look of Pump Tester
Overhaul for Vacuum Pumps
Overhaul for Cryo Pump
Overhaul for Vacuum Pumps
Overhaul for Dry Pump