In the Choshu Industry’s Corporate Headquarters, we endeavor to reduce environmental burden.

Choshu Industry Co.,Ltd Corporate Headquarters Environmental Policy

At our Corporate Headquarters, we recognize the importance of saving environment.
And endeavor to reduce environmental burden for the sake of entire earth as well as local community. Our factory’s main business are manufacturing/distributing for residential systems, photovoltaic system (solar power generation system) as well as design and assemble manufacturing equipments for semiconductor, liquid crystal display(LCD), organic light emission display(OLED), mechatronics equipment. For manufacturing process of above, we will establish system to minimize environmental burden.

We endeavor for continuous improvement of environmental management system and preventing pollution.

All of CIC employees are cooperate to achieve below goals :

1. Reducing CO2
Take all the actions possible to achieve reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions for 6% by 2012 from the level in the base year of 1990.

2. Promote Green Procurement
Consider for global environment saving on the product design by reflecting idea of reuse. And cooperate with our supplier to promote Green Procurement.

3. Make effective use of resources and energies
Minimize usage of various kinds of energies. And promote photovoltaic system ( solar power generation system ) to promote utilization of emission free energy.

4. Reduction of industrial wastes and general wastes
Reduce and appropriately process industrial wastes such as metal, plastic waste and other general wastes.

5. Others
Promote beneficial activity to protect global environment.

To achieve above goals, we set our goals to promote environmental measures, and periodically review and maximize environmental management systems.

This factory will comply with environmental laws and promises. And we are not only execute the control within the range of regulations, but endeavor to reduce the effect to the environment as much as possible. This policy is to be documented and acknowledged to all of the employees and all of those who work at this factory through education, training and daily management.

This environmental policy is to be disclosed to all the employees, in-charge personnel and department of city and prefecture, neighboring inhabitants, subcontractors and everybody who has requested us to do so.


Supplier’s declaration of conformity about the Environmental Management System ISO 14001

It has passed fifteen years since we got ISO 14001 external certification in 2001. We judged initial purpose of introducing ISO was permeated and the standard of ISO could be operated voluntarily. Therefore we decided to switch to Supplier’s declaration of conformity at this time. We continue to work on further environmental problems for the future.