Challenge with Innovative Spirits

“By innovative technologies, make people’s lives richer and full of fun!”

This is our mission set when CHOSHU Industry Corporation was founded in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1980. Since then, CHOSHU, holding innovative spirits, has been moving ahead steadily to achieve this goal. Our activities address a wide range of grave issues such as environmental protection, energy security and aging population which the society of our time faces. We are determined as a responsible manufacturer/service provider in the 21st century to tackle these problems and offer the solutions.

In the field of energy, CHOSHU is committed in contributing to a low-carbon society as a photovoltaic system provider to combat climate change, the urgent global issue. In Japan, an expanding photovoltaic market accelerated particularly by feed-in tariff scheme introduced in 2012, we established a vertically integrated production system of the photovoltaic panels from silicon ingots to modules. This integrated production system enables us to achieve the world highest class quality and performance. Our products serve the house owners with limited rooftop space as top end performance models by maximizing utilization of the solar energy while providing tailored services to the industrial solar power projects.

In the high-tech field, CHOSHU stays as a frontrunner at the state-of-the-art technologies, focusing on organic light emitting diode (OLED) for displays and lighting. Vacuum evaporation, deposition and encapsulation are the crucial technologies for OLED for which we can provide the best solutions. We are engaged in the further development of these fundamental technologies to enlarge the size of OLED displays at an early date and participate in the collaborative programs to realize practical use of high efficient lighting greatly expected as the next generation device. The technology we cultivated has become the driving force for the IT and digital home appliance markets.

A new life style with “creating”, “storing” and “saving” energy is what CHOSHU strives to make come true. We further develop high efficiency solar panels and other energy sources, home energy storage systems, and eco-friendly OLED lighting of low power consumption for this purpose.

CHOSHU is named after the local domain where many low-class warriors played active roles in opening up a new path towards modern Japan in the revolutionary times almost one and a half century ago. Bearing the same “innovative sprits” these warriors had in the depths of their minds, we, CHOSHU, are determined to keep challenging to fulfill our foremost commitment, “make people’s lives richer and full of fun!”

Susumu Okamoto, President