We establish a strong presence in the world, with the global vision, unique and innovative technology.



Just after 20 years from its founding as a manufacture of residential equipment and system, Choshu Industry had expanded into high tech areas such as semiconductor devices and mechatronics. Our expertise in these areas is incorporated into development in the residential field.

Having started out as a manufacturer of residential equipment and systems, we have acquired leading-edge technology through corporate tie-ups.

Choshu Industry was founded in 1980 in then-Onoda City(Sanyo-Onoda City), Yamaguchi Prefecture. The Company started out manufacturing and distributing residential equipment and systems. Our first product, a solar water heater, was soon followed by a string of residential products including bath heaters, hot water systems and solar systems. This enabled Choshu Industry to develop a solid foundation for future success.
The turning point for the Company, originally intended as a manufacturer of high-tech residential systems, was prompted by the arrival of NEC Yamaguchi in the neighboring town just five years after founding. In a bid to capture some of the associated business, Choshu Industry set up corporate tie-ups with major suppliers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The first step in this new field of endeavor was staff training. 6 elites were selected from 60 employees to spend a year working for a supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in order to learn the latest technology in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Thanks to the success of the staff training initiative, Choshu Industry becomes proud of two distinct operational arms: residential equipment, and high-tech fields.

Growth is driven by a curiosity toward discovery and enthusiasm to take on new challenges.

Choshu Industry has built up a solid foundation of expertise in mechanics, electrics, electronics and software through many years of experiences in the production and management of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment. This expertise has provided the basis for our expansion into the fields of FA and mechatronics. It has also been utilized in the ongoing development of the residential equipment and systems, resulting in unique products and solutions. This demonstrates our curiosity toward discovery and enthusiasm to take on new challenges which is the driving force behind the growth of Choshu Industry. As a manufacturer, technology is at the heart of everything we do. Through innovative technology and product development, we are expanding into new fields not only at home but overseas as well. Our high-tech machines are used in ASEAN, China, Taiwan and South Korea, while in the semiconductor production centers of China, we have developed cleaning and reproduction applications through joint ventures with local industry. In this way, we are fostering close links with overseas business. Our motto is ”There are no borders for leading technology and products,” and this shows our global vision and our approach to new technology development.